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Foto Markus Fägersten

Foto Markus Fägersten

Gustaf V

Zadig, William (1884 – 1952)
1954, in its present location since 1982
2.5m incl pillar
Nils Ahlins gata 1 in the Regimental Area

The bronze bust of King Gustaf V, which just depicts his head, is mounted on a tall, thin granite pillar that has a bronze plate with the words: “Gustav V, during whose reign the corps was formed. Donated by the LV4 (Skåne Air Defence Regiment) Old Comrades Association and citizens of Malmö in 1954.” It had originally stood in Malmö where LV4 became an independent unit during Gustaf V’s reign. After the regiment moved to Ystad, the bust was placed at its current location in 1982.

The bust is the work of artist William Zadig. He was educated at the Art and Crafts Museum School in Berlin 1902-1908 and at the Royal Academy of Art in Paris 1908-1912. He lived in Brazil for several years and later in Paris. During the early 1900s he was one of the most commissioned sculptors, not just in the Nordic countries, but also internationally. He is best known for his many portrait busts in bronze.

William Zadig’s work can be seen at Malmö Museum, Gallerie Rolf de Maré in Paris and at the royal castles in Brussels and Oslo.