Ystad Sculpture Park Association

The association started out as Marsvinsholm Sculpture Park, which was a non-profit association formed in 2007. The aim of the association was to exhibit good sculpture by recognised and established sculptors. The association also organised guided tours, lectures and workshops on the theme of sculpture.

A total of nine summer exhibitions were held in the park of Marsvinsholm Castle. The exhibitions were highly appreciated and generated a lot of attention. The summer exhibition in 2014 was a collaborative project with Malmö Art Academy. The exhibition in cooperation with the Swedish Sculptors’ Association held in the summer of 2015 attracted over 2 500 visitors, and was the association’s final exhibition in the castle’s park.

During 2016-2017 the association worked on developing material for an app that highlights sculptures in Ystad. The association wants the app to be a means of increasing interest in, and knowledge of, public art in Ystad with an emphasis on newer works. The selection has been made from outdoor public art that is accessible to the public.

The association is now working towards developing conditions and interest for a sculpture park in Ystad. Through the “Ystad Sculpture Park” app, the association wants to stimulate interest in making it a reality.

The association’s committee:

Lars Carmén Chairman lars.carmen@hotmail.se
Itta Johnson Secretary itta.johnson@telia.com
Karina Stålheden Treasurer karina.stalheden@gmail.com
Jolanta Olsson Member jolanta.olsson@ystad.se
Eva Olsson Member eva@herbasensia.se
Håkan Nilsson Adjunct Member hakan.nilsson@tomelilla.nu
Thomas Nyh Auditor thomas.nyh@gmail.com
Carina Barthel Deputy auditor carina.barthel@gmail.com

”Ystad Sculpture Park” was produced by:

Research and text:
Ystad Sculpture Park Association

Markus Fägersten

Helsinkifrostbites AB

Financial support for app development:
Sparbanken Syd
Ystad Municipality

Privacy policy

The app "Ystad Skulpturpark" does not collect any information on its users. The app accesses data on the user's location ephemerally only to display current location on the in-app map. The data is not archived or sent on to any external recipient. For further information