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Foto Markus Fägersten

Foto Markus Fägersten


Eriksson, Liss (1919-2000)
Height: 1.55m
Junction of Erik Dahlbergsgatan and Repslagaregatan

Mater is a little special among Ystad’s sculptures, as it is the first example of planned public art in connection with the building of a new residential area. The question remains topical – should there always be a percentage of the budget set aside for art in new construction projects? Mater, which means mother in Latin, is one of art history’s most cherished motifs. The sculpture is made in bronze and placed on a stone that was dug up in another part of the town. The artist began work on the sculpture as early as the 1950s and its form and abstraction feel typical of the period. It was finished in 1966, acquired by Ystad Municipality and unveiled at the site in 1969.

Liss Eriksson grew up in a very artistic environment. His father was the well-known sculptor, Christian Eriksson (1858-1935). He was educated at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, but naturally also picked up a lot of knowledge in his father’s studio. Liss Eriksson took over the studio after his father’s death. It is possible to see how sculptural influences have to a certain extent been transferred from father to son.

Liss Eriksson’s sculptures can be seen in many Swedish towns and cities and at a number of the major art museums. No less than seven of his works can be seen in Stockholm.