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Foto Markus Fägersten

Foto Markus Fägersten


Malmquist, Bengt (1928–2015)
Height: 1m
Syrenvägen 1 B in the Grundström quarter

In 2005, the property company Ystadbostäder wanted to provide a piece of public art for the newly-built houses on Syrenvägen. After consulting with the then Director of Ystad Art Museum, Thomas Millroth, the selected work was a granite sculpture by Bengt Malmquist entitled Meditation. Unfortunately, it has to be said that this is probably Ystad’s most anonymous public art, as it is well concealed by a storage shed that was built later. The sculpture is truly worth a visit and certainly deserves its name for its soft, almost sensual forms.

Bengt Malmquist was born in Jönköping. He studied at Otte Sköld’s Art School 1951-1952 and with the graphic artist Zage Johansson in Jönköping in 1954. In the 1960s, he went over to sculpture in granite and marble. He was one of the artists involved in starting the East Skåne Artist Group (ÖSKG). His public sculptures can be seen in places such as Lund, Malmö and Svalöv.

Another of his works – a granite sculpture – can be seen in Ystad, in the Ystad Abbey gardens.