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Foto Markus Fägersten

Foto Markus Fägersten


Pergon, Lage (1966-)
Height: 2.2m incl plinth
Pantzargatan 25G in the Tankbåten quarter

The sculpture on Pantzargatan is entitled Yggdrasil. On the sculpture’s granite plinth, the artist explains his motif: “According to both poetic eddas, Yggdrasil was the name of the world’s oldest tree. Under this ash tree was the holiest place where the gods gathered every day for their assemblies. The sources of wisdom and fate lay in the roots of Yggdrasil”. Trees as a motif became a distinguishing feature in the work of artist and sculptor, Lage Pergon. His tree sculptures are intended as a vision of a self-sufficient cycle. His work is often very detailed and features many small motifs that take time to find.

Lage Pergon was born and raised in Malmö. He was educated in New York and Oslo. His work can be seen in several places in Skåne, including Svedala and Malmö.