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Mother and child

Åstradsson, Anna-Greta (1945–1997)
Height: 1.9m
Ystad Hospital, by the entrance to the pre-natal care clinic

Outside Ystad’s hospital, to the left of the main entrance and in front of the Midwife reception stands a stately sculpture in concrete that depicts a mother with her child. A suitable placement for a design fitting the location. The large, reassuring mother holds her right arm protectively over the little child who seems to seek solace. The mother’s tender features enhance the sense of security and care. The sculpture is made by the artist and sculptor Anna-Greta Åstradsson.

The sculpture “Mother and child” first stood in the artist’s own garden. No municipality felt they could afford to buy it. After Anna-Greta Åstradsson was treated for her cancer here, she donated the sculpture to the hospital. It was initially placed in a secluded spot under a tree, but was moved in 2020 to its present location after a much-needed cleaning.

Anna-Greta Åstradsson was born in 1945 on a farm in Frörum north of Tomelilla. She started her education early at Hermod’s drawing school. Later she entered the Art Academy in Copenhagen where she studied under Professor Svend Wiig Hansen. She painted with watercolors, drew and sculpted. Her subject matter often depicted animals, nature, children and motherhood.

Anna-Greta Åstradsson freely described herself as a radical feminist. She received a scholarship from Fredrika Bremerförbundet among others. There are several of her public sculptures on display in Denmark. She lived for many years in Bästekille and became an early member of ÖSKG – the East Skåne Artists’ Society. She passed away in 1997.