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Foto Markus Fägersten

Foto Markus Fägersten

The Telephone Kiosk

Norling, Bie (1937-)
Relief in stainless steel with enamelled details
Height: 2.7m, width: 2.5m
Maria Munthes gata 1

At one time, the Ystad offices of Televerket, the former state authority responsible for telecommunications, were at the junction of Lingsgatan and Maria Munthes gata. As a reminder of those days, artist Bie Norling was commissioned in 2007 by the property company AB Ystadbostäder to create a relief featuring an appropriate motif. Bie Norling chose to use the classic old telephone kiosk that nowadays is almost considered to be a museum piece. It was a clever idea, as we already have a generation that inhabits a digital world in which telephone kiosks are never seen, except perhaps in old films on TV.

Bie Norling was born in Värmland and trained with Sixten Nilsson in Karlstad 1957-1958, focusing on sculpture. In the years 1961-1962, she trained under Arvid Knöppel. After she moved to Skåne, she became one of the artists who has participated longest in the annual north-west Skåne art tour. Bie Norling works in different materials in her sculptures: bronze, concrete, plexiglass, stoneware, aluminium, zinc and steel. Her works includes some 50 public sculptures commissioned by municipalities and county councils in Sweden.

Another of her works – a sculpture group – can be seen in Ystad, in the new residential district in the Regimental Area.