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Foto Markus Fägersten

Foto Markus Fägersten

Untitled, Ystad Abbey gardens

Malmquist, Bengt (1928–2015)
Height: 0.25m, diameter: 1.1m
In the Ystad Abbey gardens

In the shadow of an almond tree in the Ystad Abbey gardens rests an octagonal granite sculpture on a low pedestal. The artwork was acquired by Ystad Art Museum after a visit to artist Bengt Malmquist in Höleröd, north of Lövestad. The garden of Bengt Malmquist and his wife, Brita, was designed as a sculpture park. It was here that Thomas Millroth found the sculpture and quickly realised that it would fit somewhere in the Ystad Abbey gardens. The sacred idiom of the sculpture harmonises well with the abbey’s medieval architecture. The sculpture’s side pattern shows a late medieval design element, which in a fine way underlines the choice of location. The work actually also includes a small dove that would stand by the small asymmetrically placed hollow, as if it is there to drink water. Unfortunately, for security reasons, the dove is kept in storage at the abbey’s museum.

Bengt Malmquist was born in Jönköping. He studied at Otte Sköld’s Art School 1951-52 and with the graphic artist Zage Johansson in Jönköping in 1954. Bengt Malmquist began painting in the 1950s. In the 1960s, we went over to sculpture in granite and marble. He moved to Höleröd, north of Lövestad, in 1970 where he worked and exhibited his work. In 2007, Bengt Malmqvist was awarded Sjöbo Municipality’s Culture Prize. His work can be seen in several cities in Skåne.

Another of his works – Meditation – can be seen in Ystad, at Syrenvägen 1B in the Grundström quarter.