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Foto Markus Fägersten

Foto Markus Fägersten

Untitled, sculpture group

Norling, Bie (1937-)
Height 1.3m,1.5m with plinth
Adlercreutzgatan 7 and 9 in the Amerika quarter

When the regiment in Ystad was disbanded, plans were soon made to build new housing in the area. This was carried out between 2009 and 2010. There was also a wish to add public art to the new residential area. The commission went to artist Bie Norling, who had previously created the ornamental art for the Televeverket building in Ystad. The assignment specified that the sculpture should have some connection with the area’s regimental past. The result was a bronze sculpture group that depicts a soldier mounted on a horse, a soldier with a rifle and the figure of a woman, which are located in the two courtyards on Adlercreutzgatan. The motifs act as a reminder that at one time this was home to the largest cavalry regiment in the Nordic countries and later an air defence regiment in which both men and women served.

Bie Norling was born in Värmland and trained with Sixten Nilsson in Karlstad 1957-1958, focusing on sculpture. In the years 1961-1962, she trained under Arvid Knöppel. After she moved to Skåne, she became one of the artists who has participated longest in the annual north-west Skåne art tour. Bie Norling works in different materials in her sculptures: bronze, concrete, plexiglass, stoneware, aluminium, zinc and steel. Her works includes some 50 public sculptures commissioned by municipalities and county councils in Sweden.

Another of her works – Telefonkiosken (The Telephone Kiosk) – can be seen in Ystad, at Maria Munthes gata.