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Foto Harri Paavolainen

Foto Harri Paavolainen

The Traveller

Johansson, Sven-Ingvar (1962–)
2.5 m
Parking lot west of Ystad railway station

Near the parking lot west of the station house stands a young girl dressed for travel. She seems to be waiting for a train. Doesn’t she look a little familiar?

The traveller is a sculpture made in 2020. Her arrival is due on a health and safety issue! She is, in fact, sculpted from the trunk of a 23-meter high old ash. The Swedish Transport Administration assessed the tree as a risk. The railroad is now being secured to reduce interference and damage due to trees falling on tracks or lines. The ash had to go.

The property owner, with the help of a tree surgeon from the Swedish Transport Administration, took down most of the tree but saved a stump about 3 meters in height. The property owner had the idea that a work of art should be created. Through suggestions in the local paper, they contacted the artist Sven-Ingvar Johansson, who had lots of experience of sculpting in wood. His concept portrays a personal experience of a young woman, who is uncertain, but boldly expectant to embark on a journey. The beret is in place, the coat is long, the backpack is strapped on and the suitcase is ready by her side. Something’s going to happen soon!

The artwork is sculpted from the stump with the help of chainsaw and chisel. It is painted with a Norwegian weather resistant oil colour in mild shades. Sven-Ingvar Johansson is educated at the Art School in Kristianstad and the Grafikskolan Forum in Malmö. He likes to choose natural and everyday motifs and works in drypoint and watercolour.

Sven-Ingvar Johansson has had a number of separate exhibitions and is represented at several museums. Through the special technique of sculpting with chainsaw he is also represented with works of art in several places in southern Sweden.