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The Glade

Vangen, Thale (1974–)
1,25, 1,10, 0,75 m tall
Fridhemsgatan 39

The sculpture Gläntan, meaning “the Glade”, lies deep within the schoolyard of the newly built school “Källan”. It consists of three wing-like bronze formations that extend out of a large sandbox. They undeniably trigger the imagination and perhaps bring to mind a sea monster or some imaginary, extraterrestrial creatures. The artist Thale Vangen’s idea with the sculpture is also that it should stimulate and be part of the children’s play.

The artwork is the first in Ystad municipality’s investment in the so-called “1% rule”, which means that 1% of the cost of new public construction will go toward artistic decoration. The artwork has been created in consultation with the school, as part of a special project.

The artist Thale Vangen, born 1974 in Norway, now resident in Malmö, graduated from Malmö Art Academy in 2010. She has created several sculptural installations and public works. Her background in science has influenced her art, which is often associated with animals, but also with dreamlike creatures in the borderland between myth and reality.

She often works in materials such as wood, leather, bronze and wrought iron.

She is represented in Vollsjö with the sculpture Morgonens bleka ljus kämpar mot natten, meaning “The pale light of the morning fights against the night”, which is based on a story by Fritiof Nilsson Piraten.