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Foto Markus Fägersten

Foto Markus Fägersten

Electrical cabinets as painted artworks

Locally active artists
Painting on traditional metal electrical cabinets
2001, 2010
Width: 0.5-1m, height: approx.1m
Stora Östergatan/Hamngatan and side streets

A popular and successful beautification project carried out in central Ystad along Stora Östergatan, in a couple of alleys and along Hamngatan, where the electrical cabinets were decorated by the local artists.

The artists were commissioned by Ystad Energy and the Ystad Retailers’ Association. The paintings were done in stages from 2001 and renewed in 2010.

The electrical cabinets were decorated by the artists Karl Valve, Anders Vardam, Jennifer Saxell, Ann Makander, Ann Blom, Christel Jonsson, Ida Melin, Irené Trotzig, Leif Eugen Svensson, Jonas Theselius and Ingrid Nordström. Pupils in year six and one at Bleke School were also commissioned to paint one of the electrical cabinets. Unfortunately, the effects of time, weather and postering told on the paintings. As a result, in 2010 the same artists were invited to recreate or renew their previous contributions. The exception was Ingrid Nordström, who had passed away. Instead, her husband Gerhard Nordström was invited to take part instead. Pupils in year four at Bleke School were involved the second time.

Today, most of the electrical cabinets are still in good condition, but some are in need of a little care.